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背景設定Background Information
Basically like the the original works of Digimon series.But all characters in the story are appears like human or semi human -- most of characters will change into beast/mon-mode in fight.
Everyone are born as eggs.In the baby Baby I and II period, they are mons and grew into human bady with ages.The eggs can be make by oneself or a couple's Data.It doesn't matter what the sex of the couple is.

DM學園基本情況Basical Information of DM University
DM University is a comprehensive university which including from kindergarten to University.Actually the whole University is a city, has different infrastructure facilities and commercial-recreation facility,and the student apartments.The kindergarten, primary middle high and senior high school school are in the west side;the University is in the east side.
The most of graduates of DM University are working to suppert the Uni-city as techers workers and so on.There are also persons who are not graduates but came from outside to work here. The graduates and outside ones are living the particular parts of city.Their child is going be the next generation of student.


理事長 Yggdrasil
She is most wise and sensible.The whole college is keeping orderly under her domination. However, some of college's crisis are originated her menopause chaos -- she is an old spinster.
She adopted alpha as her son.She loves alpha although he always acts against to her.


高等部 The Student Union:Senior High sSchool
The Student Union is made up of 13 menbers.In the story 2 of them are barely mentioned...All under the Director General Yggdrasil's leadship. Each members of the Student Union has   mighty force and right.
Owing to thier behavior power,they got another name called Royal Knights.

生徒会長 Alphamon アルファモン

3rd grade student.As Yggdrasil's adopt son,he is designated as chairman of student unions from primary school to now.Alpha can't bear it and decided to disappear -- Actually he was traveling around the world,and found his long-lost brother Dorumon.
He seems irresponsible and Let vice-chairman Omega do everything.But,he has the power over the anyone in student union and be watching the college's situation.
In the Chaos caused by Director Genera (Chaos of X-virus) he came back to fight against to Yggdrasil.
After the Chaos he is still missing.Sometimes he will show himselm to Omega because he finds that Omega is cute guy so dalliance his vice-chairman occasionally.
三年級生。作為理事長的養子,他從小學到現在都被內定各級別學生會主席。阿爾法受不了這個而玩起了失踪,其實是失踪周遊世界,途中找到了自己失散的弟弟多路。他看起起來很沒責任感,把所有事都推給副會長奧米加來做,但其實有著凌駕於學生會所有成員的力量,觀察著學院的動向。 .在理事長引發的那次混亂(x病毒混亂)時回到學院反抽理事長。

生徒副会長 Omegamon オメガモン

3rd grade student .Omega is loyal,honest,competent and a little of stubborn.Due to Alpha's absence he is in charge of  The Student Union for long time.Omega follows the rules of college and instructions of Yggdrasil faithfully.Duke is his  best friend.
After the Chaos caused by Director General he feels acceptance to Alpha. Although Omega is always complaining Alpha's irresponsible behaviour, in someone's eye, it's a kind of tsudere(ツンデレ)


風紀委員 Dukemon デュークモン

3rd grade student.Dukemon is responsible for the preservation of order and daily Performance in the college.He tends to secure the justice with force -- But the force only to evil ones.He is kind to normal student.The different between he and his close friend Omega is that Duke and Sleipmon like to on the public will's side,he has his own thought more than obey Yggdrasil's orders unconditionally,so sometimes he can do somethings very unexpected.
If Duke loses his control of his virus data he will into black mode.
It seems like he has aaffection to Omega and they are really intimate.But the relationship has changed after Alpha got involved....and Duke also have something with Beelzebu.

会計 Examon エグザモン

3rd grade student.Exa is responsible for the college's treasury.He is handsome and has a nice personality.Instead of attending to Student Union,he'd like to stay in his apartment, as a dragon.
Exa always does things reasonably.But asking him for budget os much hard than rob a bank.

書記 Magnamon マグナモン

1st grade student.Magna's nikename is maga.He designated as the future members of Student Union in his middle school.
Magna's appearance is cute and tiny,so he is also the mascot of Student Union.It is said that who touched the two golden antenna hair(アホ毛)on magna's head will be very,very,very lucky.So Magna is popular with student especially the girls.
In fact,Magna is proficient in internet.He controls all the student's information -- some are secret and unspeakable.The most incredible gossip always come from him.

体育委員 Ulforce V Dramon アルフォースブイドラモン

2nd grade student. V-Dra is Magna's elder brother.They has a younger brother called V-mon.He is the tallest and strongest one among Student Union,and he is manly generosity and energy.
V-Dra is good at all kind of sports especially on race, he is the fastest runner -- and the fastest warrior.
二年級生。 V龍是金仔的大哥,兩人還有個上初中的弟弟。在學生會裡他個子最高體格最壯,而且個性豪爽。

宣伝委員 Lord Knightmon ロードナイトモン

3rd grade student.Lord Knight and Dynas are couple acknowiedged.He has the unparalleled shinning beautiful figure and it's the reason of his narcissism.His every appearance are with roses.He also take the leader'place of department of horticulture.The garden of college is full of rose unger his leadership.
Lord Knight has such a huge fan escort by numerous Knightmons.They take propagandizing work with high efficiency.

安全委員 Dynasmon デュナスモン

3rd grade student.Lord Knight's lover.He is tall and strong and convenient to use(to Lord Knight).Dynasmon is responsible for the security of students and college.Beacuse of Lord Knight he can make the Knightmons as his subordinates.
Dynasmon listen to Lord Knight in normal times but he has his own ideas and insists them in some field -- for example,he is a lolikon/shotakkon.
Formerly,he and Lord Knight was serving for luce (lota? mode) for benefit.However when luce finished his utilizing them he unleaned Lord Knight and Dynas.Despite this Dynas had build a good privity with Lord Knight during that time.And it make him becomes the only one can face Lord Knight's narcissism undisturbed
(劍皇和杜納斯的擬人設定參考自http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=5380319 :3)

生活委員 Sleipmon スレイプモン

2nd grade student.Sleipmon is responsible for the daily life of students and rear service in the college.He works hard for students' welfare and very welcome among students.Because of his often running errands for student union he keep his lower half part in horse mode at all times.When he backs to human's legs he even fell not comfortable on walking.
As a warm-heated junior he takes care of Duft who always immerses himself into books and forget to eat or sleep regularly.

學習委員 Duftmon ドゥフトモン

3rd grade student.Duftmon is responsible for affairs of students's studying.He is the No.1 in all exam for all time.His interest is reading and thinking, which include different domains,some of them are very odd.If he find some books he like he always forfet to have a rest.
Duftmon's knowledge make him wise and man of individuality.He is the tactician of Student Union.But when he uses his head too much it will halt and himself transform into the leopard mode without brian.

外交委員 Craniummon クレニアムモン

3rd grade student.Craniummon is responsible for affairs of intercommunion with outside.He is the most loyal one to Yggdrasil and tends to obey Yggdrasil's orders unconditionally.When the Yggdrasil has the need to go out to make intercommunion Craniummon is her frist bodyguard.
Craniummon real face is a mystery because he wears a mask gived by Yggdrasil all the time -- it's also why he has the
agname "Darth Vader"(Star Wars)

七大魔王 Seven Great Demon Lords
The most minatory seven ones in the dark force aginst The Student Union.They are not have exactlyrelationship between superior and subordinate,more like copartners.Some of them desire to take the college and have their followers; Some of them only pat attention their own power or somtehing.

傲慢 Lucemon ルーチェモン フォールダウンモード
2nd grade student.[Delete/]Like a Hermaphrodite;Michael Jackson 2.0[Delete/]Luce has remarkable appearance and power to be pride.He trys to destroy the present college and rebulids a new world. He has numerous followers,everyone take him like thier God.
In hie middle school he attempted to use Lord Knight and Dynas to infiltrate the The Student Union but not got success.
Lucemon is the most ppwerfun one in Seven Lords.In theory he is the leader.
二年級生。 [刪除/]看起來像人妖,山寨mj[刪除/],有絕對的資本和相貌去驕傲;試圖毀滅現在腐朽的學院,自己創造新世界,追隨者總眾多,每個人都把他當作神明來看待。

嫉妬 Leviamon リヴァイアモン
3rd grade student.He seems like a huge red crocodile.Due that the Student Union and others Lords never call his name but just call him "crocodile".And,although he's power is second only to Luce,his figure always be the reason he get belittled.The worst thing is evertbady make him do leg work...the points make he mad and vevy envy.

怠惰 Belphemon ベルフェモン
2nd grade student.Belphe is a super cute sleeping ball of fur like the koala with cavels in most times.Lilith takes him as Hug Pillow and the mascot of Seven Lords.But if someone dare to wake him he will transform into a 4m-tall horrific monster.
He is still sleeping so nobady can know how many times he repeat his 2nd grade and why he can get in 2nd grade.
二年級生。貝爾菲平時是團超級可愛的睡覺的小毛球,像個羊角考拉造型出現。 Lilith總是把他當包枕和七魔的吉祥物。但如果有誰膽敢吵醒他他就會變身成4米高的恐怖怪獸。

憤怒 Demon デーモン
3rd grade student.Demon is the hierarch of the Cult which worship Satan.As the hierarch he wears a red robe can cover his head and face [Delete/]just like a KuKluxKlan member [Delete/].His followers subordinate and influence is most among the college.He wants to dominate the whole college but the fiirst mass he face is Belial Vamdemon's Vampire worshiping organization
三年級生。 Demon是撒旦崇拜邪教的教主。作為教主他身著紅色法袍遮蓋住頭臉[刪除/]宛如3K黨[刪除/]。他的屬下和追隨者是最多的,勢力也最大。他妄圖統治整個學園,不過他要面對的第一個麻煩就是某吸血鬼帶領的吸血鬼崇拜組織。

強欲 Barubamon バルバモン
One of staff in college. He seems like a odd old man.Nobady know what he is thinking.Everything Baruba does is for benefit.He has no eternal friend and no eternalemery,only the eternal benefit.
He got quick fortunes by sell answers of exams.

暴食 Beelzebu ベルゼブモン
1st grade student.He is young,impulsive,violent and kind of lofty.Beelzebu hates to wear school uniform and like leather and metal.He also is a motorcycle fancier.So him looks like a bodgie(暴走族/不良少年)When he is hungry he can't use all his strength.Take the meeting of Seven Lords just for dinner.
Beelzebu not only fell hungry for food but for powers.He is going overboard for more power to defeat Duke,who is he dislike for long time.[Delete/]But actually when something implicate Duke he always act like a tsudere (ツンデレ) [Delete/]
Beelzebu has a nickname Bezzy by Lilith.He don't like it but can not resist.
別西卜不僅對食物感到飢餓,他也對力量感到飢餓。他極端地追求著更多力量好擊敗紅蓮,那個他討厭了很長時間的男人。 [刪除/]但其實當有什麼事情牽扯到紅蓮他總是很傲嬌。 [刪除/]

色欲 Lilithmon リリスモン
3rd grade student.The most beautiful women, the idol with wise and Beauty in the college,and,the mose powerful dangerous and witch. Her right hand can eat everthing she touch if she like. The majority of females of darkness are liseten to her.
Sometime Lilith is the real leader in Seven loads.
She is black minded(腹黑い)and do's (ドs)

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